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The Missionary, Agnostic & Me


Agh. 25B.


It’s not the 25–so much as the B.

In fact, I typically enjoy being at the back of an airplane. My smug side enjoys acting particularly indifferent at the speed of our exit from the plane. A sanctimonious grin on my face. As if I’m the only person aboard that understands that it doesn’t matter how quickly people dislodge their overpacked carry-ons.

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I don’t know how I put off reading George Orwell’s 1984 for so long.

Post-apocalyptic future?


Classic novel heavily referenced throughout pop culture?


Used as an example throughout one of my favorite books Amusing Ourselves To Death?


Used as the basis for Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad that revolutionized Super Bowl advertising and become one of the most influential ads of all time?

Wow. Check. What’s your problem Garrett?

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Code Name Verity

Rach got the book Code Name Verity for Christmas from my sister. She picked it up shortly after and couldn’t put it down.

Usually, I wait for Racheal to tell me if the book is worth reading. But when she started bawling next to me while reading it, I added it to my list.

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Why Am I Doing This?

Great question. That’s very existential of you, Garrett.

Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment even though I don’t know what it means.

But you do know what it means, Garrett. I’m your subconscious.

Oh, so this is one of those tropes where I end up talking to my “inner self” for the entirety of the post.

Well, can you think a better way to kick this blog off?


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