Rach got the book Code Name Verity for Christmas from my sister. She picked it up shortly after and couldn’t put it down.

Usually, I wait for Racheal to tell me if the book is worth reading. But when she started bawling next to me while reading it, I added it to my list.

Historical fiction is a favorite of mine. I love being dropped into a specific time period and experiencing something from a fresh angle. This was unique in that it took the perspective of two incredible women during WWII. The writing was smart and fresh.

War is ugly. I’ve always known that. No matter how many books I’ve read about WWII, I’m always taken aback by the atrocities.

This book did something different for me though. Normally, when reading about torture in novels, my mind conjures up something that feels very Hollywood. But this time, as I continued to feel for the characters and endure the pain with them, it all became very real. It became disturbing and soul crushing. Which is exactly what a book about this horrific time in our history should do.

The book stands defiantly up to these same evils by challenging it with an unbreakable bond of friendship.