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I’m a Mormon, but I love talking about all world religions, symbolism, philosophy, theology, and how politics intersect with religion.

Chaim Potok’s The Chosen

The Chosen and it’s sequel The Promise by Chaim Potok have taken a rare place on my bookshelf.

I have a place for beautifully written and engaging fiction on my bookshelf. I also have a place on my bookshelf for religious books and sacred things. The Chosen and The Promise fall somewhere in between.

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Recommitting To The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Broken Resolutions

I was asked to give a talk in Church this week on “Recommitting to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The topic was chosen to kick off the new year and help people keep their resolutions. I figured I’d start by looking at my journals for old new year’s resolutions.

I’ve kept a journal since I was about 11. Like most journals, it’s painful to read. It has recaps of every school and church dance I attended, every awkward teenager conversation, and of course, what journal is complete without an analysis of why my life is just like The Legend of Zelda? And believe me, it is exactly like Legend of Zelda.

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The Sabbath

This has been by far the most important book I’ve read this year.

I was assigned to teach a lesson at church about the Sabbath, or the religious practice of making one day a week sacred. I was given this great talk “The Sabbath Is A Delight” by LDS Apostle Russell M. Nelson.

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The Missionary, Agnostic & Me


Agh. 25B.


It’s not the 25–so much as the B.

In fact, I typically enjoy being at the back of an airplane. My smug side enjoys acting particularly indifferent at the speed of our exit from the plane. A sanctimonious grin on my face. As if I’m the only person aboard that understands that it doesn’t matter how quickly people dislodge their overpacked carry-ons.

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