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I’m obsessed with sound. Whether it’s a new band, podcast, or sound effects, this is dedicated to the love of sound waves.

Bewlay Brother

David Bowie Personas

I came back from my run around 6 o’clock. Racheal was getting out of bed for her run. We were both exhausted and couldn’t shake off the burdensome blanket of early morning lethargy.

Rach said on her way out, “By the way, David Bowie died.”

I really couldn’t say much but, “Wow.”

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Spotify vs. Apple Music

Gloves off. Let’s do this.

I’m a HUGE Apple fan. I sigh with joy every time I hear a Mac startup. But this year, I decided against switching to Apple Music and stayed with Spotify.

The cost was pretty similar, but I had been paying for Spotify premium for over a year. I tried Apple Music for their 90-day trial and didn’t use Spotify during that time to make sure I was being fair.

Here’s my analysis of what happened.

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